Entry Information

Please read about our special category for Experimental and Funky entries here. Entries in this category will support charitable efforts of our club.

Thank you for your interest in submitting entries to help Stoney Creek Homebrewers host a successful homebrew competition. Registration is done through the competition portal in the Register tab above. Below is a general guide that you will want to be aware of.


Please be aware of the hours of operation of each business before arriving. Please makes sure labels are properly fixed to your entries. Don't waste the trip, consider making a purchase while dropping-off to support the hobby.

Keystone Homebrew Supply

Brew Your Own Beer

Artisan Homebrewing - please reach out to Fred via email or FB Message to coordinate drop off times.


Please make sure that labels are properly fixed to your entries before packing. Be sure to take care in packaging your entries and use Ziploc bags to contain any damage that may occur during shipping. Fill the box with additional stuffing to minimize the movement during travel. All reasonable efforts will be made to contact the brewer and make accommodations if entries are received damaged.

Tony Sarracino

1607 Northridge Dr, Phoenixville PA 19460

Please note the standard legal disclaimer:

All judges and participants by participating in the competition agree that they hold harmless the competition, organizers, participants, the Stoney Creek Homebrewers club and their designated officers of any responsibility and/or liability of illness or incapacitation from judging and or participating in the competition.